Kathy May Face Surgery. Rumors About Taylor Fritz’s Mom’s Plastic Surgery Decoded.

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Recently there have been a lot of rumors about Tennis star Taylor Fritz’s mom Kathy May face surgery. But nothing has been confirmed from the former Tennis player’s side about her face surgery speculations.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Kathy May was a topic of discussion, both due to her professional prowess and her several failed marriages. But this former American tennis player has recently hit the headlines again, this time for allegedly going under the knife!

Those who have always been keen on tennis should be familiar with Kathy May. Kathy May Fritz, or Kathy May, as she is better known, used to be a professional tennis player who attained stardom with her trailblazing performances in women’s tennis during the 1970s. She was the world number 10 in professional tennis championships back in the year 1977. Kathy May had played in three quarter-final matches of the Grand Slam tournament – two times at the French Open in 1977 and 1978 and one time at the US Open in 1978.

Along with her appearances in Grand Slam matches, Kathy May was also a seven-time winner of singles WTA titles under the mentorship of Marion Anthony Trabert, better known as Tony Trabert. This former American tennis star had achieved a high degree of fame and success, owing to her winning performance. But away from the clay court, Kathy May was also known for her personal affairs and marriages.

May was born and bred in Beverly Hills, California, and is the great-granddaughter of the founder of Macy’s, Mr. David May. After her first marriage to the 1980 Australian Open champion, tennis star Brian Teacher, in 1979, she competed in some matches under the name of Kathy May Teacher. But their marriage did not last for long, and Kathy May subsequently got hitched to Donn Paben, who was a firefighter, in 1981.

She even played under the name of Kathy May Paben a few times and she had two sons with Donn Paben. This time too, their alliance did not last, and Kathy then married Guy Fritz, her fellow American professional tennis player. With Guy, she had a son named Taylor Harry Fritz, who is famous for being the World No. 5 in singles professional tennis, as per the Association of Tennis Professionals. Incidentally, Kathy May got divorced again, this time from Guy Fritz.

Kathy May Face Surgery. Did She Opt For Surgery?

There have been some rumors about former World No. 10 in professional tennis, Kathy May, that she had gone for cosmetic surgery to enhance the features of her face. This has been doing the rounds after fans observed her at one of the matches where Taylor Fritz, the rising tennis star was playing. 

Now, bombarding celebrities with suspicions of plastic surgery is not at all rare, in fact, this has been quite the trend for many years now. Something seems off about the appearance of famous personalities, and the public makes no delay in dropping rumors about them going for cosmetic upgrades and whatnot! Interestingly, they do not seem to think any differently of even veterans and erstwhile sports stars who once used to hog the limelight but do not anymore.

So, it is not unnatural for the tennis-loving audience to find Kathy May’s name dragged into controversies for apparently undergoing plastic surgery on her face. But there is no news or the remotest hints anywhere that might suggest, even indirectly, that Kathy May indeed opted for face surgery to attain more refined facial features. There is no statement from the former tennis champion or someone close to her, that might support the public’s speculations. 

As a result, we cannot really confirm or comment on whether Kathy has opted for face surgery, or not and all these rumors just seem fake and baseless. Kathy May might have not opted for any surgery and the change on her face may be natural and age-related and nothing else.

Any Other Plastic Surgery?

Despite being highly successful as a professional tennis player, Kathy May is known to have always remained very family-oriented. Though she and her third husband, Guy Fritz, divorced several years ago, they are proud parents of their son Taylor, who is rapidly climbing the ladder of success in the American professional tennis circuit. Going by his stellar match-winning performance, this year is undoubtedly 24-year-old Taylor’s best season so far. As he enjoys playing his first-ever Grand Slam quarter-final at the Wimbledon, Kathy May can be seen cheering him on from the stands.

The public might have noticed something different about Kathy May when she was spotted watching her son play at Wimbledon. However, there is nothing to suggest that she might have gone for a facelift or any other type of plastic surgery, as viewers might choose to speculate.

Besides, as we have already mentioned, there is no piece of news or evidence to support such claims made by the public. So rumors doing the rounds are at best, rumors only – there is no base or fact to back them up.

Kathy May – Mother Of Taylor Fritz

Taylor’s mother Kathy May, is extremely supportive of her son’s tennis career and has been spotted many times watching him play from the audience stands. In fact, she and Taylor’s father, Guy Fritz, have both been extraordinary role models in shaping his life and profession – tennis being a way of life for them, and just sports.

In one of his interviews, Taylor Fritz mentioned that he is very close to his tennis star mother, Kathy May. She chooses to stay an integral part of the family and even celebrates Christmas every year with them. 

Born in June 1956, Kathy’s fascinating ancestry can be traced back to Germany, having Jewish roots – her great grandfather was David May, who is famous for being the original founder of The May Department Stores Company, which is now Macy’s, America’s hugely popular chain of departmental stores. Kathy May herself is a proud member of the Jewish community and is known to celebrate Jewish customs and holidays with her family. Her rich legacy of retail history makes Kathy May’s heritage especially interesting, along with her fantastic tennis career.


Kathy May’s extraordinary lineage, and then her own life, juggling stardom in tennis and diverse phases of her personal life, makes her an amazing woman of strength, skills, and character.

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