Abbie Cornish Weight Gain. Details About Pregnancy And Eating Disorder.

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Abbie Cornish weight gain is trending on the internet right now. People have noticed that the Jack Ryan actress recently put on some weight.

Abbie Cornish, the celebrated actress, has once again caught the attention of the public. But this time it’s not for her latest movie role or red carpet appearance. Instead, the talk of the town revolves around her recent weight gain. Internet users are buzzing with curiosity, noticing a change in the physical appearance of the Australian actress.

People are asking a lot of questions about this stunning actress’ new look like whether is she pregnant and why she has gained weight. So, lets us tell you the reality behind Abbie Cornish Weight Gain.

Abbie Cornish-A Brilliant Australian Actress

Abbie Cornish, born on August 7th, 1982, in Australia, is an accomplished actress known for her roles in Somersault, Bright Star, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Her journey began with modeling at 13, leading to recognition and opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Recently, with the release of her new Netflix film Blackout, fans are curious about Abbie Cornish’s weight gain, prompting discussions online.

Abbie Cornish Weight Gain. Did She Gain Weight?

Abbie Cornish underwent a remarkable physical transformation for her role in the movie Sucker Punch, but later, she gained noticeable weight.

Abbie Cornish has revealed that the action genre is not her favorite, as she feels more comfortable with intimate scenes rather than action sequences. She expressed that she is body-confident and was in great shape during the filming of ‘Sucker Punch,’ where she had to fight, dance, and wear revealing costumes.

Initially cast as Dr. Cathy Mueller in Jack Ryan, Abbie Cornish was absent in the second and third installments, leading to rumors about her weight gain affecting her contract. However, she has returned to the show. She said that she decided to come back after a conversation with the lead actor, John Krasinski. Cornish’s character, Cathy Mueller, will now have a more significant role in the series.

Abbie Cornish Transformation

Despite the speculation about her weight, Abbie Cornish is back with a more substantial presence in the show. Besides Jack Ryan, fans can also anticipate seeing her in upcoming projects like Dakota and Detained.

Fans have noticed that Abbie Cornish’s appearance has changed since the release of her latest Netflix movie, Blackout. Some speculated it might be related to her age.

Is She Suffering From An Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are psychological conditions that lead to unhealthy eating habits that are triggered by obsessions with food, body weight, or shape. They can have severe health consequences.

Symptoms include food restriction, binging, and purging behaviors like vomiting or excessive exercise. Eating disorders can affect anyone. This is one illness where the patient is likely to seek treatment less frequently or not report their symptoms at all. But it is important to take the right treatment at the right time to overcome this disorder.

Fans have noticed Abbie Cornish’s weight gain over the years, but the reason is still unconfirmed. While some speculated about a possible eating disorder, there is no official confirmation from the actress or media sources. As of now, these assumptions are false and inaccurate. 

Abbie Cornish Gained A Lot Of Weight

However, considering her sister Isabelle Cornish’s history with an eating disorder, the topic continues to raise curiosity. Isabelle Cornish, a SAS Australia star and younger sister of actress Abbie Cornish, has courageously opened up about her battle with disordered eating.

The 27-year-old shared that growing up in the spotlight made her overly conscious of her external image, leading to periods of struggling with an eating disorder. Her journey of overcoming these struggles and moving to the United States after filming for Puberty Blues has led her to embark on a new career path.

Is Abbie Cornish Pregnant?

Pregnancy rumors are swirling around the renowned actress, with speculations of her being due in 2023. Abbie Cornish has not addressed these rumors publicly, and there is no confirmed information about her pregnancy. 

It’s crucial not to rely on rumors when a celebrity has not made any official announcement. According to some fans and media sources, she is not pregnant at the moment, as evident by her slimmer photos on her Instagram account.

These pregnancy rumors are purely based on assumptions and observations from fans and the media, lacking confirmed information. The absence of an official statement or evidence makes it challenging to verify the accuracy of these speculations.

Abbie Cornish’s Body Positivity In The Spotlight

Despite her substantial weight gain, Abbie Cornish has never experienced body-image issues. The Australian actress openly admitted that she enjoys seeing her body transform as she gains or loses weight for various film roles. She says she finds it fascinating to see her body change and loves it regardless of its shape or size.

In the film “Candy,” where Heath Ledger portrayed her boyfriend, Cornish played a drug addict and was quite skinny. Now, with the freedom to eat what she wants, she embraces her more voluptuous figure. The actress has no reservations about removing her clothing for love scenes, and her body’s fluctuations for different roles do not affect her at all.

Abbie Cornish’s positive attitude about how she looks is praiseworthy, especially in an industry where people are always judging appearances. Some actors and actresses face difficulties with body dysmorphic disorder, trying hard to get the so-called “perfect” body.

Abbie Cornish’s fans and followers fully support her and defend her choices. They see her as a role model for those who struggle with body image issues and find it challenging to feel confident and content with their appearance.

Despite her age, many people still find Abbie Cornish stunningly gorgeous and believe her weight gain has not diminished her physical appeal. Her supporters admire her for remaining true to herself and embracing her body’s changes with self-assurance.


Abbie Cornish, the celebrated Australian actress, has again captured the public’s attention, but this time it’s not for her acting prowess or glamorous appearances. Instead, discussions have revolved around her recent weight gain. Speculations about Abbie Cornish’s weight gain, whether related to an eating disorder or pregnancy, are merely rumors. As of now, there is no official confirmation from the celebrity regarding these suppositions.


  1. Is Abbie Cornish Pregnant In 2023?

    No, the Jack Ryan actress is not pregnant in 2023.

  2. Is Abbie Cornish Suffering From Eating Disorder?

    There is no confirmation about she suffering from an eating disorder.

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