How Chrissy Metz Lost More Than 100 Pounds Of Weight?

Chrissy Metz Had A Lot Of Bad Memeories From Her Childhood Due To her Weight Issues

Chrissy Faced A Lot Of Abuse From Her Stepfather For Being Overweight

Throught The Years Chrissy Tried A Lot To Lose Weight And She Lost And Ahained Gained Weight Many Times

In 2017, Chrissy Metz Partnered With Weight Watchers

In 2020, Chrissy Revealed That She lost 100 Pounds Over The Years.

To Lose Weight Chrissy Metz Followed Strict 2000  Calorie Diet Routine

Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, Healthy Fats, Proteins Are Allowed To Eat In 2000 Calorie Diet.

Chrissy Metz Faced  Alot Of Ups And Downs In Her Weight Loss Journey

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