Weight Loss Of Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham At Oscars 2023

Ashley Graham Was A big Promoter Of Body Positivity And Still Lost Some Weight

People Often Accuse Her Of Promoting Obesity

And Sudden Change In her Physique Has Raised Many Eyes. 

Peopel Are Commenting Negative Things On Her Social media Accounts.

But Ashley Graham Doesn't Care About Negativity As HSe Has Faced A Lot Already In Her Past Life

She Got Bullied A Lot In Her School Days Due To her Excess Weight. 

Even When She Was Trying To Enetr Modeling World, Many Peopel Advised Her To Lose Some Weight

But She Didn't Lose Weight And Still Made It Big In the Modeling Industry On her Own

But She Follows A Uniqe Health Diet For Maintaining A Healthy Weight.

To Know More About Ashley Graham's Weight Loss Details