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Women in Neurosurgery

To educate, inspire, and encourage women neurosurgeons to realize their professional and personal goals, and to serve neurosurgery in addressing the issues inherent to training and maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce.

One Note

  1. ALL neurosurgeons can oprtaee on the spine. Some may choose to limit their practices to that area.Not all spine surgery is done by neurosurgeons. Orthopedic surgeons can do spine surgery also.There is a lot of overlap in the types of spine surgery that the two specialties do. Things like spinal cord tumors go to the neurosurgeons, though.Neurosurgeons also oprtaee on the brain and meninges (coverings around the brain), skull, and peripheral nerves; they implant spinal cord stimulators and deep brain stimulators, and intrathecal or epidural medication pumps.The guys I work with probably do 80% of their surgery on spines. I think there’s just not enough brain tumors to go around, but plenty of bad discs.


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