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Where Women Remodel the House of Medicine.

For decades we have been told that as the number of women increases, women doctors will finally be fully (and fairly) accepted into the medical workplace.  But after decades of having “enough women in the pipeline,” we’ve found that power in numbers alone dos not result in parity, that is having our rightful place in the House of Medicine.  We are still not fully welcome there.  Not yet anyway.

Creating a progressive healthcare workplace–one that not only tolerates the differences among the individuals who comprise it, but also embraces them–requires us to pursue our common goal: remodel the system that was established for us rather than by us.  Our power to make changes comes from questioning the status quo, shifting and increasing our expectations, and being bold about what we must demand of both ourselves and the healthcare workplaces in which we work.

One approach might be to create collaboration between the healthcare workforce and the institutions they serve.  How can both adapt and concurrently make changes to bring an antiquated system up to date?  This was the logic that gave birth to Expediting the Inevitable (ETI), a revolutionary and idealistic approach to helping both women physicians and the decidedly non-progressive workplaces to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all, especially our patients.

ETI quickly learned that transforming the culture of complex organizations first requires putting the highest priority on the individuals that comprise these organizations, not on the institutions and organizations themselves.  So reminded by the words of anthropologist Margaret Mead,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has,”

ETI updated its approach and took on a new name.

The new Women MD Resources (WMDR) is a nod to our commitment to transforming organizations by sharing the tools and giving guidance to women physicians to effectively remodel the House of Medicine. WMDR asks women physicians to demand more.  WMDR helps women physicians open their eyes to what it is they should require from their House of Medicine. WMDR brings them to the discovery of their unique talents and needs.  And WMDR reveals to them the secrets to success as a women physicians.

One at a time, we help women create clarity, build confidence and take control as women physicians.  And, as a result, healthcare organizations will begin not only to understand the needs of women physicians, but also will have to transform to meet these needs because they are, in essence, their own needs.  Out of necessity, and with clear, confident goals, we will remodel the House of Medicine to be a home with more than just a woman’s touch.

No matter the career stage–whether pre-med, medical student, resident/fellow trainee, fresh out , or seasoned practitioner–now is the time, WMDR is the place.

Thanks for joining us at Women MD Resources.  Together, we can make this happen.


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  1. Does anyone have any experience re-entering practice?


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