Simon Cowell Son Illness. From Being Autistic To Suffering From Cancer All Are Just Fake Speculations.

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Simon Cowell Son Illness. Everyone knows Simon Cowell a dashing judge From “America’s Got Talent” And many of his followers know his amazing 9-year-old son Eric. Being shy in nature had made people think that he might be suffering from Autism but the little Eric Cowell is healthy and fine and we pray he stays healthy.

We all know Simon Cowell from the famous American show “America’s Got Talent”. Having appeared in several television reality shows as a judge, he has been actively working for more than 40 years. Coming to his personal life, he has been clearly a well-settled family man. Simon has married Lauren Silverman and has a son named Eric. 

However, lately, people have been talking about the possibility that his son might be possibly dealing with some critical health issues. So, why are these rumors going around? And, is there any truth to these? Well, let’s find out!

Simon Cowell Son Illness. What’s The Reality Behind Speculation?

If we talk about the most recent updates related to the rumors that his son is probably battling an illness, nothing has been confirmed since there has been no official statement on the matter so far. Simon, who is usually in the public eye, frequently makes public appearances with his 9-year-old son which you can see in multiple interviews and media interactions. The heartwarming presence of his son in front of the camera definitely draws a lot of public attention but there have been no serious concerns about his health so far.

However, if we are talking about this topic, it is important to reflect on Simon’s own health history because a lot of people have been confused between the two. However after receiving proper treatment and a recovery period he made a commendable comeback but unfortunately, this was not the end of health-related issues for him. 4 years later, he suffered a severe accident that involved an electric bike and resulted in a serious back injury.

Despite his personal health struggles, there has not been any indication or reports that might have indicated that Eric has also faced similar issues. So it is safe to say that this father-son duo is currently healthy and neither of them is facing issues with their health. In fact, Simon often shares lovely moments with his son and family with the fans on social media so one can only assume that everything has been going just right so far! 

Is Simon Cowell’s Son Eric Cowell Autistic? 

Simon Cowell hasn’t publicly spoken about any specific health conditions related to his son, Eric. However back in 2018, Simon did drop a hint about Eric’s nature, hinting that he isn’t too fond of loud noises or a lot of physical touch. Plus, he mentioned that Eric has his own special way of connecting with others. 

Now, while some people tried to connect the dots and speculated about Eric possibly having Autism Spectrum Disorder, there’s nothing solid to back that up. Simon’s always been the kind to keep his cards close to his chest when it comes to family matters.

Speaking of family, it’s clear for anyone to see the bond between Simon and Eric. The two have been in the spotlight together more than once. But if there’s one thing that stands out about Simon, it’s his role as a doting dad. With the world grappling with the pandemic in 2020, his top priority was keeping his family safe, especially young Eric. And if you’ve ever taken a peek at Simon’s social media, it only becomes quite evident that it is no less than a perfect family.

Simon has also given us a few glimpses into his thoughts on fatherhood. He has candidly shared his hopes for Eric, especially wanting his son to avoid the pressures of school and the potential heartaches of bullying. And that only goes on to show how deeply he feels about his boy’s future, which, no doubt, is adorable!

Eric Cowell Reading Book
Eric Cowell Reading Book Image Credit: Instagram / Simon Cowell

Is He Suffering From Cancer? 

Another rumor that has been going around about his son’s health is that he might be suffering from cancer. But all these are just fake rumors. He is just a 9-year-old boy and it is very inappropriate to speculate such things about him To clarify, Simon has never publicly suggested that Eric is suffering from cance­r. Concerning his son’s health, he usually maintains silence and keeps things low-key to shield such matters from the public e­ye.

However, from Simon’s interviews, it is clear that a deep bond exists between him and Eric. Just like any other good dad, he ofte­n reminisces about the joyful mome­nts they have shared, like playing football together or simply spending quality time­. 

Although public curiosity is natural, it is important to distinguish between ve­rified information and mere speculation. Currently, any rumors regarding Eric’s health are just that—rumors, lacking solid confirmation from the Cowell family.


Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, has gained significant public interest and spe­culation around the rumors of his health and well-being over the years. However, let’s not forget that it is important to approach such matte­rs with sensitivity, especially when there has been no official confirmation from Simon himself. Ultimately, like any devote­d parent, his priority is his child’s happiness and wellbeing—a se­ntiment that definitely resonates unive­rsally.

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