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My Medical Mid-Life Sabbatical–Chapter 2

Getting Things Done

Knowing How To Get (the not-so-little) Things Done Is Really Important

By Jane Doe, MD

This is the second in a series of posts about returning to training at mid-life.  I am two days into a yearlong fellowship and feeling, of course, discombobulated.

One of the great perks of middle age is, as the Cialis ad says, “knowing how to get things done”.  Right now I don’t know how to get much done in my work environment.  My ID does not yet let me through secure doors; I have to ask for directions to places; I don’t know where to look up phone numbers.  I miss being the one who knows people and can give assistance and useful counsel to the inexperienced.

I am slightly off schedule from most of the fellows for the coming year and so most of my colleagues are near the end of their training.  All I have met so far have been free with their time and expertise.  I am grateful.  The attending staff I have found less engaged.  I find this disheartening.

Since I need others more, I find I am more outgoing.  I smile more and use a pleasant tone of voice.  These are practices that long years of becoming more and more “senior” have eroded.  This is one of the changes I hope sticks as I again become one of those who knows how to get things done.


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