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Be Guided and Help Guide: Two Special Opportunities for Women Physicians

Be Guided by The Happy MD! Join the Mommy MD Guides to Guide Mothers!

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Who is the Happy MD?  What are the Mommy MD Guides?  Smart minds want to know!




The Happy MD–“The Heart of the Healer” Retreat September 9-12, Ocras Island, WA

thehappymdhead-995x138Dike Drummond, MD is not a woman.  No matter, he understands the stress and additional pain and suffering that women MDs have to face on a day to day basis.  His work is internationally recognized as some of the best the help heal and rejuvenate so that we have the reilience to face our often seemingly impossible lives.  His work is widely circulated on Kevin MD and other hot blog sites for physicians.

He is offering a small group retreat where he will work with only 6 physicians over 4 days to help them recharge and once again find the personal fulfillment that they expected from being a physician.  This retreat is all about taking care of yourself, something women physicians rarely do.  Most of the time we are taking care of everyone but ourselves.

Using multiple modalities associated with inward journeys, carried out with professional guidance, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.  But it doesn’t end with the four days.  For four months there is additional support and guided growth.  Only a few spots remain, and hope some of you women might find the time to take care of the healer in you.  For more information, check out Dike’s website.


The Mommy MD Guides–Their Motto: “Motherhood is a journey.  Mommy MDs Are Your Guides”

The Mommy MD guides are wonderful sources books for Moms whether they happen to be MDs or not.  Our collaboration started last year as I was interviewed to be a part of their mission.  Dr. Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH has teamed up with Jennifer Bright Reich publisher and entrepreneur (Momosa Books)  to produce a wonderful series of books using the experience and wisdom of women MDs who are also Moms themselves (or Moms who are MDs–take you slant).

Recently I received an email that went like this:

“We’d love to add more doctors who are also mothers to our team. Can you please share this information with any that you know?

 I would love to interview MDs or DOs who are also mothers, by email, asking a few questions for a free profile on We would then also contact them to interview them by phone for future books and revised editions of our current books. We always Facebook and Twitter new Mommy MD Guides’ profiles.

We also offer several benefits and opportunities to our Mommy MD Guides:

Guest blogging on, if desired (We pay $25 per blog entry.)

Pitching to media for interviews, if desired

Opportunity to review products for consideration of our Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Products distinction, if desired

Complimentary copies of our Mommy MD Guides books that they are featured in.”

I have enjoyed my interactions with this dynamic duo.  Their books are fun, focused and full of interesting advice I wish I had with my kids.  This is an opportunity to share, to give, to guide.  Don’t miss out on it.



2 Notes

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Heart of the Healer Retreat information Linda. We have three amazing women already registered and just two spots left for this transformation system for your career. We kick off on 9/9 in Washington State on beautiful Orcas Island and I would love to have a couple of your followers here round out our team taking their “road less traveled”.
    Here is the link again:

    Keep breathing,

    Dike Drummond MD

  2. The Center for Peer Review Justice has had our private quiet get-a-ways in the French Quarter of New Orleans since we started 13 years ago.

    This is no “inward journey”. It is designed to “fix” the ” Sham Peer Review ” if by the hospital or by the State Medical Board. The woman physician or surgeon meets with me, our corporate lawyer who has the nickname of “MadDog”, a Hospital lawyer who is a member of our advisory Board, and our Chief Academic Officer.

    We are experienced, savvy and genuinely caring.

    Any other concerns are also addressed.

    We have a HOTLINE at 504-621-1670 for one’s questions or concerns. Or email us at

    Richard Willner
    The Center for Peer Review Justice


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