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— Organization Launched To Revolutionize the Healthcare Workplace by Empowering The Physicians Who Comprise It —

Buffalo, NY (September 12, 2012) –While the larger public healthcare debate revolves around access and costs of care, there is a lesser-known, but no less important conversation broiling within the organizations themselves: how to attract and keep top women physicians who are demanding more equal opportunities and work-life flexibility than the system was designed to provide. This issue has emerged as a result of the changing face of the healthcare workforce; approximately half of medical school graduates are now women, and physicians’ lifestyle requirements as a whole have become increasingly diverse. Launching today, Women MD Resources (WMDR) believes that systemic updates will require greater emphasis on the needs of the individuals who comprise healthcare institutions, not on the institutions themselves.

To catalyze a transformation of the healthcare workplace, Women MD Resources provides physicians at all stages of their careers—from pre-medical students and trainees to newly minted doctors and seasoned practitioners—with tools for increasing productivity, opportunities and programs for advancement, access to individual and group coaching programs, and an abundance of free content resources.

“By failing to adjust to the needs of a changing workforce, healthcare organizations have marginalized and alienated their most vital asset—their physicians,” said Dr. Linda Brodsky, founder of Women MD Resources. “As a direct and unfortunate result, it’s not just the women physicians who suffer, it’s the patient. Empowering and accommodating top women physicians will improve patient care. That is the core mission of Women MD Resources.”

Women MD Resources was founded by Linda Brodsky, MD, a renowned pediatric otolaryngologist and 25-year healthcare industry veteran. Dr. Brodsky is a vocal advocate of equal pay, work-life integration, and gender equality in healthcare. She has been cited in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Becker’s Hospital Review, among others. Dr. Brodsky speaks regularly at national and international medical conferences, and is frequently honored for her work toward equality in healthcare.

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Women MD Resources (WMDR) was founded on the belief that healthcare organizations will transform to meet the changing needs of the physician workforce because doing so is simply the new going price for dedicated service on their behalf. WMDR’s mission is twofold: 1) to help create a progressive healthcare workplace by embracing the needs of women physicians; and 2) to improve quality of care for patients by improving overall quality of life for women physicians. WMDR asks women to question their status quos, shift their expectations, and be adamant about what they demand of themselves and the healthcare workplaces they have chosen to work in. For more information:


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