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Women’s Medical Organizations More Relevant Now Than Ever

President of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Speaks Out on Her Agenda for the Coming Year

FarzannaAs women begin to approach 50% of the physicians in the United States, it is incumbent upon us to assume leadership roles to create a medical healthcare world that reflects our vision, our energy, and our gifts.  Women leadership is guaranteed in the very strong voice of the Women’s American Medical Association ((AMWA).  This month they are having a membership drive for any new practicing physician to enjoy a radically reduced first year dues rate!  Find out more and join before June 30!

WMDR would like to present,the vision of Farzanna S. Haffizulla, M.D., President-elect, American Medical Women’s Association.  Dr. Haffizulla has an aggressive agenda for her upcoming year and hopes as many women physicians as possible will be part of it.

By  Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, President Elect, American Medical Women’s Association

Women in medicine today juggle many “hats” and have always fought to achieve balance and satisfaction in all aspects of personal and professional life.  As the next President of the American Medical Women’s Association, one of my goals is to widen the scope and view of ways to achieve this balance.  As a mother of four, a wife, practice owner, professor, author and leader, I know that while there is no “one size fits all” answer, you can not only strike balance in all spheres of living you can successfully do so without compromising your professional growth and satisfaction.  Over the last almost 100 years, AMWA’s leaders and members have forged ahead making great strides for women in medicine in academia, leadership, women’s health and professional equality. I will echo those efforts and I intend to reinforce, augment, diversify and fortify the avenues that will allow women in medicine to have the success they envisioned in achieving their academic, professional and personal goals.

I am a staunch advocate for equitable opportunities for physicians, regardless of gender or origin.  AMWA is a robust forum that allows for enhanced camaraderie, unified networking and education of women in medicine by women in medicine. We can further fortify our approach if the mission and vision of AMWA remains ever present in our members and leaders alike. By unifying our approach and promoting synergy among AMWA’s leaders and members, our voice and vision as an organization will exponentially increase in amplitude! Not only will our voice be heard but the changes that will follow will be ground breaking for women in medicine.

The growth and stability of AMWA is dependent on the involvement of its cherished members and leaders alike. Encouraging and motivating today’s women in medicine at all stages of their careers to not only join AMWA but to become key components of the fabric of the organization will ensure AMWA’s present and future success.  The climate of our training and practice environment and options for the dynamic, vibrant physicians of today can change only if we stand strong as supporters of what AMWA represents.  Drawing on the strengths and skills of each member and leader of AMWA is vital to our success as an organization.  AMWA’s transformation and achievements are remarkable as I reflect on its growth and development since my medical school days.  AMWA has grown with us at every stage of our careers and our continued, collective efforts will propel us to embody and attain the ideals and goals we have as individual women physicians. Though I am humbled yet grateful for the opportunity to stand side by side with others in support of AMWA, as our upcoming centennial anniversary quickly approaches, I will drive our organization to achieve its true potential. Let us embrace AMWA together and give “her” every opportunity to succeed. Every milestone and accomplishment we achieve through AMWA is a reflection of our success as vibrant, dynamic physicians of today and tomorrow.

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