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Women Physicians Are Diverse in Concerns About Healthcare

Elections are Over, Let the Work Begin!

If we learned anything from the recent elections, we learned that women’s voices (and their vote) are important, very important.  53% of the electorate was women.  20% of the representatives in the Senate and House are women, found on both sides of the aisle.  Making progress, but numbers are not enough.

Our numbers continue to increase in the House of Medicine, and so will our voices when we learn to use them and identify those issue women physicians care about.

In a very unscientific, just-for-fun poll, WMDR asked mostly women physicians the question:  “Which issue is most likely to influence your vote in the upcoming election?”  There were almost 100 respondents, so we thought you might like to see the results now that the elections (and their polls) are over:

39% Healthcare Policy–e.g. the impact of the Affordable Care Act

33% Women’s Healthcare Issues–e.g. breast cancer screening/research

17% Women in the Workplace–e.g. gender equity issues

11% Medicare reimbursement rates–e.g. the economics of medicine

Interestingly in 2008, a poll of the Women Physician’s Congress of the American Medical Association also found affordable insurance as their chief healthcare concern!

Surprised?  The data show that women physicians are not a monolithic group any more than are men.  It really isn’t a surprise that different people have different issues.  Healthy discussions and diverse coalitions result.  And our major coalition should be with male physicians who share (or will soon be persuaded to share) some of our concerns.  Half the population for whom we are women, and soon to be half the physician workforce will be women.  Thus, articulating and pursuing these issues may be hard work, but it is necessary for everyone’s benefit.


One Note

  1. I am glad to see that breast cancer screening and research made the top 2 concerns in health care for women.


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