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Women Physician Activists, Two Lunches/Two Groups, Circle Workshop, Teatime Talk and a Gala Kickoff—I Can’t Remember What I Ate for Breakfast!

A day so full that the earlier events of the day are lost in the memories being made from what followed. Each segment with its own flavor, its own agenda, its own special impact. So busy, darn it, I missed the crafts bazaar. No time to shop means a too full day!

The Women’s Medical International Association (WMIA) formed in 1919, a few years after the American Medical Women’s Associations (1915), organized a forum, “The Pink Collar Profession.” With almost 10 speakers from the podium, representing the international flavor and enormous challenges we face across the globe (with striking commonalities and differences), the session was long on reiteration of what we know to sadly still be true and short on time to offer up solutions. Great for networking, not as great for content. (In fact, I have a real problem with calling medicine a pink collar profession, but that is another post.)

Invited to dine with my new colleagues (and some old ones, too), I found myself eating yummy Branzino at Padre Figlio. This was my first lunch before meeting Zentarra Women and the content director for Get Your Women ON!—the anthology book in which I am an author, coming out in May, 2011—don’t worry I will definitely keep you posted, a lot.

One Note

  1. Most all of the professionals that I know don’t want this for it means that there will be ronnaiitg not only of care but of the ability to earn a living. People forget that health-care professionals will be put on salaries or have their payment schedules determined by the government. There is no way that this is going to work. First and foremost there is no constitutional mandate for this as there is nothing in the constitution about health-care. We are going to wind up with more people covered and less medical professionals!


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