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The Political Is Personal—Meet Hal Scherz, MD, President of Docs4Patientcare.

Hal Scherz

“The political is personal.” Attributed to Carol Hanisch’s 1969 essay of the same name, this phrase embodies the second wave feminists whose personal aspirations were negated because they brought their “personal” problems into the political arena, where some said they did not belong. Our answer: The political is personal, and the challenges each of us faces alone almost always have relevance for the lives of others. Many others.

So when someone becomes inspired, and is compelled to follow his or her passion, something great may occur, especially when they inspire others to join in. And at the end of the day, great ideas, even ones you don’t agree with, come from courageous, passionate people, and can compel us to forge ahead and change the world.

One of the most important ways we at Expediting the Inevitable want to transform your career, your organization and your medical care, is by telling the stories of physician transformation. Stories inspire, teach lessons, give voice to, and entertain.

Not everyone who believes in Expediting the Inevitable is a woman physician. There are many men of good conscience who get it. They know women docs are hard workers bring value and need to be in a female friendly workplace to do their best. And they also know that they need women physicians to raise their voices and be part of whatever agenda is important to them.

Dr. Hal Scherz is one of those men. I know Hal. I have worked with him. I know his wife Geri, who like me is a pediatric surgeon—an eye doctor for kids (pediatric ophthalmologist). I know their three kids. Hal has is a passion for his work and for his patients.
So what’s so special about his story? Hal Scherz did not like what he saw happening to our healthcare system. He believes in healthcare reform. He wanted to see it take a direction that would preserve the patient-doctor relationship, take out the layers of bureaucracy, and make sure the children, the poor and the elderly were not abandoned.

Dr. Hal Scherz started Docs4PC—Doctors for Patient Care. How he took his idea and his ideals, and grew an organization that now is called upon to testify on Capitol Hill, in less than 2 years, is a story of perseverance and what you can do if you get involved. Whatever your politics, personal triumph for the good of all is always inspiring.

We will find physicians from all over the world who embody the spirit of Expediting the Inevitable. If you have one, or if you know a doc who has one, let us know. You too then become part of the Inevitable!

7 Notes

  1. Thanks for your insight on that. We’re open to all suggestions on making the site more effective, so we appreciate it! We hope you will send people our way and let them see the range of people–men and women, physicians and non-physicians who see the value of Joining the Inevitable. As our blogs, questions, advice areas build, I hope you will continue to participate!

  2. Linda, I hope you will make the first “page” of this site more appealing to us who are “other” because it may turn off folks who think this is just for docs. Pat

  3. Pat, I have gotten the same feedback from others and will try to do that. It’s tricky to make sure it’s understood this is a business with an agenda. We will see what we can do.

    Joy, I hope that you and many otheres (like Pat) will add your voices to the conversation that drives change. Women physicians cannot do it alone. They depend on you, and you on them!

  4. Linda,

    I hope you will make the first page more inviting for those of us who are not physicians. I hesitate to ask interested friends to join lest they feel their voice is not wanted. Pat

  5. Thanks Linda. As an ex-health insurance regulator and a current consultant to providers on organizational transformation and “how to play the game”, and a frequent commentor to various regulator agencies and legislators, I am EXCITED about this new and needed forum!

    Joy Long – DragonSlayer Strategies, LLC.

  6. Yes, everyone is included! We all want the best healthcare, and Pat, you are right, we need to treasure and promote the brains and skills of women physicians. Spending money on lawyers to “get justice” does no one any good. The “victim” loses, the system loses, and most of all the patient loses. Am looking forward to more of you insights!

  7. See paragraph 4:

    “Not everyone who believes in Expediting the Inevitable is a woman physician.”

    Don’t you mean to include the rest of us?? anthropologists, writers, judges, editors, lawyers, weavers, artists, musicians, clergy, nurses, midwives, all of the rest of us who, as Atul Gawande writes, want the best health care for the lowest cost?

    Eventually I hope he will write that that means using the brains and skills of women physicians rather than spending time and money on lawyers trying to get around anti-discrimination to get rid of them.


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