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Have You Experienced Gender Discrimination In Medicine? Brigham and Women’s Researcher Lisa Lehmann, MD PhD, MPH Wants to Interview You

Brigham and Women's HospitalETI member, Dr. Lisa Lehmann is the director of the Center for Bioethics at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts. After hearing about the struggles and experiences of too many women medical students, residents and staff, she linked these experiences to her research interests in bioethics.

In preparation for a quantitative survey, preliminary work needs to be done. Qualitative research to indentify themes and patterns is necessary. Lisa turned to ETI to help find subjects to interview and guide her important work. This is her post:

Seeking Women Who Have Experienced Gender Discrimination for Brief Interview

We want to hear about your experience being a woman in medicine. Bioethics researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston are conducting a qualitative research study to look more closely at the experience of women in medicine. We are conducting confidential phone interviews and would love to hear from women medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians who have experienced gender discrimination. This phone conversation will take about 20 minutes and can be scheduled around your availability. To participate or ask questions, please contact Pamela Galowitz at the Center for Bioethics, Brigham and Women’s Hospital: (617) 732-8590 or

This is the time for YOU to get involved, speak you rmind, tell your story. Let’s help Lisa help us and the patients we serve.

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  1. Linda and Lisa, this looks good!


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