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Online Resources

  • MomMD


    A career site and association for women in medicine, packed with professional and personal resources for female physicians, medical students, and premeds.

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  • National Committee On Pay Equity

    National Committee On Pay Equity

    News from a coalition of advocacy organizations that work toward eliminating the pay gap between men and women.

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  • National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO)

    National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO)

    The largest coalition of organizations that has 200 member organizations representing the voices of more than 11 million women. Their list of member organizations is an excellent resource.

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  • PRN Media Health

    PRN Media Health

    A non-profit organization that provides media training for physicians by physicians. PRN-trained and certified physicians assist the media and the community in identifying physicians who are prepared to educate.

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  • Raise Project

    Raise Project

    A campaign to raise the status of women in medicine, mathematics, engineering, science, and technology by enhancing the appropriate recognition of their achievements.

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    Physicians can ask questions and get answers from other physicians without fear of retaliation! You must be a physician with a license to practice medicine to join.

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