Create Clarity. Build Confidence. Take Control.

Pre-Med Student Toolkit


Gain Perspective and Work through the Unique Career Challenges You Face as a Woman

Congratulations! You’ve made a brave decision to go to medical school, the first of many important decisions you’ll make as you progress along this exciting career path.

If you’re worried, overwhelmed or panicked, well, that’s to be expected. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

In this complimentary toolkit:

  • Self Assessment Icon

    Step 1:


    Give some structure to your thoughts, confront your fears and build excitement as you start this rather long and difficult journey. Your Self-Assessment will help you set priorities, gain a clearer picture of what you can expect, and answer the tough questions upfront. Get Started
  • Video Icon

    Step 2:

    Video Tutorial

    We will walk you through your Self-Assessment answers and prepare you for the WMDR Pre-Med Action Items. Watch Tutorial
  • Action Icon

    Step 3:

    Action Items

    Download and print the WMDR Pre-Med Action Item Checklist, and get started on making your way with confidence and control. Download PDF

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