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Busting the Myths of the Emergency Medicine Gender Gap

There is still a marked disparity between the number of women in emergency medicine and the percentage of female leaders. This is damaging both to female physicians and to the specialty as a whole.

Sports Illustrated dedicated its May 2012 issue to the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the law declaring that any institution that received federal funding could not discriminate on the basis of sex. One of the more memorable vignettes in the SI piece was a story about the 1976 female Yale crew team. The women were fed up waiting sweaty and shivering for the post practice bus as the male team took hot showers in their warm locker room. So one day, cleverly accompanied by a NY Times writer and photographer, they stormed into the female athletic director’s office. Once inside, the entire team stripped to reveal “TITLE IX” blocked in blue marker across their chests. Needless to say, the Yale plumbers were soon busy.


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